19 January 2012

Baby Queen 12 weeks

Since we didnt let the news of the pregnancy out until almost twelve weeks, I have a few baby bump pictures that I wanted to post to my blog to share with our friends and family. We have faithfully taken a picture every week since seven weeks! I hope to continue all the way through the forty weeks!

So far so good with the morning sickness and fatigue! I was VERY tired at first, but I have started to regain some energy and spunk! I have had very minimal morning sickness, or in my case, 1 AM sickness. When I went for the 11 week check up, the doctor said the heart rate was at 170+ bpm. She couldn't get a sure count because I kept laughing at the baby moving away from the Doppler every time she would find the heart beat. We find out at 17 weeks whether baby Q is a boy or girl! I had gained five pounds at 11 weeks and she gave me permission to shamelessly eat all the icecream I want... But I haven't really wanted ANY icecream. I have developed a sweet tooth though (the baby must be related to Bill Queen).

Update: for some reason I can't upload the pictures correctly on my iPad


(Gotta find the 10 week picture)


  1. Congratulations, Kristen and Joseph!! I cannot wait to meet Baby Queen... Your pictures are precious :) Keep them coming!

  2. I am soooo excited!! Can't wait for the baby to be here!